Upcoming Current Events

HSCT in Mexico

Join us to gain insights about HSCT at Clinica Ruiz at each of their campuses in Puebla and Monterrey. Our panel will include representatives from Clinica Ruiz, as well as HSCT Warriors treated at each location to answer your questions. Please share your questions in the chat feature of the webinar and our moderator will do their best to make sure the panel responds.

Date: 1/20/2021 @ 12:00 PM EST

Moderated by: Sara Leah Miller

Virtual HSCT Social Hour

Join others in the HSCT Warrior community to hang out, share updates, and connect with others along the HSCT journey. Bring your own beverage or snack and find commonality with other HSCT Warriors.

Date: 1/31/2021 @ 4:00 PM EST

Mark your calendar for upcoming Social Hours in 2021 on 2/28, 3/28, 4/25, and 5/30

Past Event Recordings

Riding the Recovery Roller Coaster

Learn about the recovery phase of HSCT as we discuss the "Recovery Rollercoaster" many HSCT Warriors experience

Date: 10/21/2020 @ 7:00 PM EDT

Presenters: Jen Stansbury Koenig, Ali Roberts, Jan-Marie Morgan, and Ahna Crum

Moderated by: Sara Leah Miller

Learn about HSCT in international clinics with the doctors and patients from those locations

Recorded: 9/30/2020

Intro to

International HSCT

Learn the HSCT basics

from HSCT Veterans

Recorded: 8/26/2020

Intro to HSCT

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