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Illustration of a dial to turn for balancing different aspects of wellness

Founded by HSCT Warriors,
we promote HSCT as a treatment for autoimmune diseases through education, outreach, advocacy, and personal connection.

Our team helps individuals living with autoimmune disease to prepare for, go through, and recover from HSCT and build confidence that their approach is successful. 

Talk to a Warrior

Schedule conversations with HSCT veterans to answer questions, convey facts, dispel myths, and discuss strategies for health and wellness. 

Learn with a Warrior

Register for current events including Learn with a Warrior Webinars and virtual HSCT Social Hours. Revisit recordings of our previous webinars anytime.

Meet the Team

Founders of our organization are HSCT veterans and our volunteers have experienced HSCT as a patient, relative, or caregiver.


Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or have experienced HSCT along with a family member or friend, your experience and talents have a home with us.

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